A Place To Bury Strangers: I Need You

With a terrific set of five song which has already earned a place among the contenders for EP of the Year, A Place to Bury Strangers have returned, and they sound restless, edgy, and absolutely composed. The band's current lineup includes Oliver Ackermann and Ceremony (East Coast)'s John Fedowitz on bass and Sandra Fedowitz on drums. Hologram is out on the newly founded and strongly emerging Dedstrange.

After the vibrant End of Night and the rather raucous I Might Have, the new EP produces another highlighted single. I Need You is one of the most melodious tracks APTBS have released in a while, and at the same time the song buzzes with rawness and sincerity.

"I Need You is about the overwhelming feeling of being in love," the band describe. "The helplessness, the desire, is like floating on a cloud, in a haze, on a bender. Embrace it."

Hologram is here to soundtrack current times and a contemporary realness filled with uncertainty and grit. After all, the loudest band in New York City is the most appropriate to provide everyday life's musical accompaniment. 

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