Lucid Express: Hotel 65

Another piece of wistful, lush and atmospheric shoegaze is Hotel 65, the third and final single off the coming self-titled debut album by Hong Kong band, Lucid Express. The album comes out on July 16th, 2021 via the Brooklyn-based label Kanine Records.

Every example lifted from the band's new material so far suggest a very strong first release for Lucid Express who definitely kick things off on the right foot, harnessing their influences to perfection, and coloring their expansive sound with their own identity. Hotel 65 is no exception to the quintet's unbounded dreaminess, and it comes attached to a creative lyric video, consisting of footage from the band’s expeditions to Hong Kong, as well as Vietnam, Japan, the UK and the United States. 

Hotel 65 is named after the guesthouse where the Lucid Express' own, Kim Ho, stayed during a visit in the UK, and conceptually it is based on the notion of the inefficacy of a relationship between strangers, knowing that their affair is not going to last.

Band photo by Katy Ng

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