Data Animal: Death Racer

Behold the emergence of Data Animal, the newest signing to Dedstrange. Hailing from Germany and New Zealand, the band is composed of Mitchell James O’Sullivan (Aporia, Cynthia, Full Moon Fiasco) and Takumi Yanai (The Schizophonics, The Cavemen), and their pulsating first single, Death Racer, is mastered by A Place to Bury Strangers mastermind, Oliver Ackermann.

Between no wave, industrial punk and noise rock, the new single puts the band in the public eye with a strong punch, and comes into view with a genuine kind of a well balanced fuzz, as well as a cool, gritty video shot by Alexander Schipper and directed by the band. Neither too edgy nor user friendly at all, what Data Animal roll out is impressing straight away.

Data Animal Instagram

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