Bloodslide: MVP

For their new track, Bloodslide, the group composed of Mike Wallace (Preoccupations), Greg Ahee (Protomartyr) and singer/bassist AJ Lambert, take an entirely solemn post punk direction through passages of expansive hard rock psychedelia. Accordingly, the song comes paired to a kaleidoscopic video with a cyberpunk identity, once again created by Ommatidium Studios who have been adding flesh to the band's artistry in visual form.

The group comment on the new video: “Our story continues: the body has become trapped, embroiled in a mechanic death-drive.  Code, data, and technology; the horsemen of our neo-transcendence push and pull on the flesh and bone - it is tearing us apart.  Points and packets and built intelligences fly by at speeds our eyes cannot comprehend, the bacterium we are made of never stood a chance.

"A great fear is tied with these first waves, these first pushes into the new and unknown.  Human security in the physical world - now only a shade of a memory - is a powerful thing. But, as the hands of our new digital home reach further into us, paranoia downgrades, we realize something: we can speak, and sing. Things which were taken from us so long ago by the choking miasma of our polluted world begin to return.  Our throats are clear, and our voices strong.  It has been a painful journey, but we have begun to find a new home."

MVP is the third of four multimedia pieces coming from Bloodslide's impending EP, expected in July 2021.


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