A Continent Named Coma: Regressor f/ HANDSXFEET

Phoenix, Arizona-based band, A Continent Named Coma, bring sophistication and a breath of fresh air to post hardcore with a sound which borrows from both the heavier side of alternative rock, and more noisy and experimental factors.

The band's new offering, the six-minute intensity and deep melancholy of Regressor, is a collaboration with hip-hop artist, HANDSXFEET, and comes with an imposing spoken word section which mingles perfectly with an overarching post hardcore and punk severity. It plays out like a union between Envy and Enablers, and it derives from a place of genuineness and anguish, as it is themed on the very much pragmatic concept of mental health issues.

The atmospheric qualities in the music of ACNC become the most obvious component of the band's appeal, yet, beyond that all the way moody surface, there's more to discern.


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