Stream And Destroy 05.28.21 // Weekly Roundup

Stream And Destroy is a weekly feature on D//E in which we round up tracks and releases we didn't cover canonically during the current week. It's complementary to our regular posts and publishes on Friday release day. Oddments from previous weeks may appear.

No matter how slow a week can be, there will always be the ones destined to be highlighted. Aligned with D//E's regular posts, this is another edition of Stream And Destroy.

A new hardcore supergroup, Action News, has emerged, based in Philadelphia and composed of Patrick Troxell (Lovelorn, ex-Creepoid), Aaron Heard (Jesus Piece, Nothing), Mikey Bifolco (Fixation, Drowse, Chemical Fix), Jordan Berk (World Below, Rock Bottom, Ten Ton Hammer, Sunburster), and Jeff Barow. A couple of tracks off their coming album, Failed State, already stream, and sound beyond promising.

Turnstile returned with Mystery, their first new piece since the release of their very well received Time & Space LP from 2018, this time sounding a little more polished.

Al├Ętheia is the second single off the anticipated next album by Year Of No Light. Consolamentum releases in its entirety on July 2nd, 2021, and it's the French band's first in eight years.

Los Angeles alterntive rockers, Milly, released a live set composed of songs off their fine new EP, Wish Goes On. The band's performance was recorded at Linguine's Haunted Mansion, and sees Milly executing the songs as a trio.

Chicagoan punks, Meat Wave, have an EP coming, Volcano Park, which is due on June 11th, 2021 via Big Scary Monsters. The nervy emo punk/noise rock of the first couple of examples off it suggest a notable offering from a band which has been very consistent over the years.

New York based dark act, A Cloud Of Ravens have recently released their album, Another Kind of Midnight, and now a Remix companion is in the works which will feature tracks reworked by Ritual Howls, ACTORS, Chris Vrenna, John Fryer, Tummyache and Ego Likeness. The first track off it is by Clan of Xymox, and it doesn't disappoint.

Asheville indie/lo-fi rockers, Wednesday, will be releasing their album, Twin Plagues, on August 13th, 2021, and first single Handsome Man is a sharp and interesting take on the genre, with a propensity toward contemporary Americana

Russian shoegazers, Blankenberge, are back with a new single, akin to the band's characteristically dreamlike sound, once again bring forth their expertise in extreme fuzz and reverb.

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