M73: Empty

Dark synthpop act M73 is the solo act of Danish musician John R. Mirland, also of Am Tierpark, Gusten, Negant, Mirland and many other projects. As M73 Mirland released the single No Light In Sight earlier in 2021 which is now followed by Empty, another piece of moody electropop and EBM sounds with an even darker disposition.

The new single was recorded at Mirland's home studio named The Sweatshop, mastered by LeƦther Strip's Claus Larsen, and it comes with a creative accompanying visual in collaboration with Greek artist and photographer Anna Tartaglia with whom he has worked before.

Through a heavy, yet, well balanced production, and by way of graceful lyricism and sullen vocals, M73's newest material places the project amidst darkwave's most propitious acts, and gives Mirland another means for innovative expression.

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