D//E Interviews: Glaare

LA's Glaare come with strong momentum, having just released their solid second full length, Your Hellbound Heart, an excellent album of raw energy, devious genre amalgamation and incredible production.

Quite playful in their majority, here are the band's responses to D//E's questions on the new album and more, answered by Rachael Pierce and Marisa Prietto.

How different is the new album compared to the band's debut, To Deaf And Day, from 2017? 

Rachael: To Deaf And Day was about crocheting and Hellbound is about knitting. 

How did Glaare come to be, and how would you describe the band's journey up to this point? 

Marisa: I feel like Glaare was five different bands already before I joined. The first time I saw them was in 2016, and the time after that was probably… 2019? And I was like holy shit this is a completely different band. And now it’s a different band again. I think that’s sort of just the nature of Glaare. 

The members of Glaare are also involved in very successful other groups. What makes this project distinct? 

Rachael: Successful bands? 

How would you describe the band's live dynamics? Are there any plans for shows in your near future? 

Marisa: It’s kind of like, half barely controlled chaos and half we all just really love playing together so it somehow works out? That’s the best way I can describe our stage dynamic. Even on the nights where literally everything has gone wrong and every single one of us has had a different type of breakdown, we’re closer after and I think that’s pretty rare.

Two very impressive videos have already emerged from the new album. How do you handle the band's visual aspect?

Rachael: Same way you handle a dick. Firm but gentle with as little teeth as possible. Commitment and focus.

Another part of Your Hellbound Heart which stands out is its production. What was your approach and intent for it?

Rachael: Marxism. 

Your references to Terminator 2 feel both creative and accurate. Can you elaborate more on your connection to the film?

Rachael: Keep it “in camera” people, it’s only amazing when it’s “in camera.”

Are there any other non-musical analogies which could compare that well with the band’s sound and aesthetics?

Rachael: Truffle salt. You only need a little and it’s very expensive. But it lasts a fuck long time. 

What does the immediate future hold for Glaare?

Marisa: In the immediate we’ll be getting back to practice, relearning the old songs and working how to present the new ones live. The instrumentation for this record is gonna be different from the last one, at least for me. So I’m looking forward to some inevitable and potentially hilarious trial and error. 


Band photo by Brandon Pierce, Julian Medina and Meg Wad

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