Ludovico Technique: Poisoned

Dark industrial gothic rockers, Ludovico Technique, come from New York with an excellent eye for aesthetics, a penchant for horror and cyberpunk visuals, well built productions and dense instrumentals, as well as shock rocking/theatrical performances by frontman Ben V whose vocal effectiveness echoes some of the style's most popular acts, as it retains its own character.

Poisoned is the latest of the band's series of solid recent singles which come ahead of their anticipated new full length, HAUNTED PEOPLE, set to come out later in 2021. 

Utilizing the gothic rock tropes and enhancing them with cinematic attributes, all delivered through notable dexterity and technical expertise, Ludovico Technique write songs which apply to matters of everyday life, and are given through a lens of highly stylized flair. Poisoned epitomizes the band's sound quite effectively.


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