Go With Strangers: Further

A new hopeful in the shoegaze world comes through a project helmed by multi-instrumentalist Eugene San. Go With Strangers is essentially a solo project presented as a fully fledged band, and it has just emerged with the impressive debut single, Further, and its accompanying video.

"Further was written to encourage and push myself to overcome social anxiety." San comments. "To not give up, continue pursuing music, pick up the mic for the first time in my life, and sing for Go With Strangers."

Going for a fully realized, rich and relatively heavy shoegaze sound, the song achieves its intent in overemphasizing in emotionality, and becomes a rather expressive endeavor which establishes Go With Strangers as an act to observe.

"Over the years, some of my friends in music had abandoned music, due to personal reasons," the artist continues. "Youth is swiftly fleeting, but I always held on to this passion of mine. The first line in the lyrics of Further says ‘Shelter these feelings that take me higher’ - I believe what I truly meant was I needed to shelter (safeguard), these feelings (passion, music) that take me higher.

"And the words right before the chorus: ‘This hunger won’t let me be, oh, it will set me free’. – Cliché as it sounds, I know if I am not still creating music today, I may probably not be alive anymore."

The video for Further was directed and produced by Freya Pang. More from Go With Strangers is planned for the near future, since there is an EP in the works.

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