Keaper: Come & Go

Melbourne-based band, Keaper, release their debut EP after a few early singles on which they showcased their propensity toward a guitar-laden dreampop sound, citing inspiration from bands like The Sundays, Smashing Pumpkins and DIIV. Keaper were founded in 2019 by vocalist and guitarist Ameya and bassist Julia, and are rounded out by Austin and Sam.

Come & Go was previously issued in its demo form, and it's now presented in its fully realized rendition as one of the quartet's characteristic pieces, mingling qualities of warmth and melancholy, as the band makes clear and excellent use of its influences from the nineties and beyond.

"Come & Go was the second song we ever wrote," Keaper reveal. "Lyrically through the course of the song its like an internal conversation of trying to find meaning during a period of nihilism."

Keaper also double as a visual art project, actualizing their vision in further art forms, and constituting their act as a multilayered and able endeavor.


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