Bizou: Days Of Honey

Bizou come with supergroup attributes running in their core since its members derive from the ranks of greats like Smashing Pumpkins, Wax Idols, Glaare and Light FM, and proof of the band's excellency has already been documented in their earlier offerings, especially the EP, stilllifeburning, from 2020.

Bizou's debut full length, Tragic Lover, was recently introduced with its title track, and another part of it, the opening number, Days Of Honey, has just been unveiled paired to a video directed by Thomas Nelson, Brandon Pierce and the band themselves.

The band's amalgamation of shoegaze pop, dark synthpop and post punk inclines toward its most attainable and graspable as Days Of Honey blooms through a fairly fuller style of production, and Bizou's unmistakable identification with nineties alt rock.


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