Scyr: You

Munich, Germany-based solo artist, Scyr, offers his own version of dark and sharp, eighties-bent new wave with a natural propensity toward post punk and coldwave. The artist's debut album, So Sad, has been released recently, and it comes abounding in ethereal qualities, flaunting an incredible production, interesting lyrics and a consistently absorbing vocal which is also the epicenter of the whole moodiness emitted by Scyr's sound.

In today's terms Scyr's first album compares to the earlier, moderately barer releases of Drab Majesty, as well as the dark aura of acts like Lebanon Hanover and Ash Code, but essentially the spirit of Scyr's music is firmly based in the eighties, as the artist uses his influences in a way which is precise and intact.

Scyr who is also a film sound designer, cites influence from Andrei Tarkovsky's science fiction, and the cinematic part of what he does may not seem apparent at first, but it's definitely a crucial ingredient of how perceptive his act appears.

Single, You, comes with a new romantic feel, a signature of Scyr's type of appealing darkness.


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