New Candys: Begin Again

Venice, Italy-based alt rockers, New Candys, are gearing up for the release of their fourth full length, Vyvyd, which was previously introduced with first single, Twin Mime, and comed out in its entirety on June 4th, 2021 via Little Cloud Records and Dischi Sotterranei. An exclusive vinyl edition will be out from Fuzz Club. 

Second single, Begin Again, is another example of the band's approachable, yet, enchanted and intimate take on psychedelia, bringing to mind some of the finest in both classic and contemporary shoegaze. The song comes paired to a storytelling visual written and directed by Ivana Smudja, and starring Eva Julia van Drimmelen and Joris Ruijzenaars.

"Begin Again is the story of Lea and Mel Stevens, two twin sisters who exchange personalities from time to time. Whenever they secretly encounter, one of the two is set free, free from the ordinary life, until they meet again. The video was filmed in Groesbeek (The Netherlands), during one of the coldest months of the year and during lockdown. We were not allowed to gather with more than two people outside and the woods were the safest place where to hide and film (keeping distance and wearing our masks, of course)."

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