Lung: Wall

Unconventional noise rock/art punk duo, Lung, consist of classically trained opera singer and cellist Kate Wakefield, and drummer Daisy Caplan, formerly of Foxy Shazam, Babe Rage, and Ayin. The band return for the first time since 2018's All the King's Horses with a new split release alongside Dayton punks SKRT, and the cohesion between the two acts' sounds is remarkably high.

While their level of creativity and how Lung manage to come up with a replete punk sound through only cello, drums and voice is really something to behold, the band's songwriting ripening is also of note. Strength and energy are the duo's clearest characteristics, yet, their poetic perspective and intellectuality seem the most indispensable parts of what Lung have to offer.

"Wall is a song that reflects the insanity of the present moment," Lung comment on the very much nervy and fervent track which stands out from their side of the EP. "It is about the walls we put up in ourselves and collectively as a society- the barriers we create and are in denial about, the things we do not want to talk about. Walls that keep others out. Walls that keep us in. The chaos and uncertainty that these walls allow to bubble under the surface. Lung is a powerhouse of electric cello and drums that takes you on a whirlwind ride of emotions leaving a feeling of utter catharsis driving the listener into the depths of their subconscious mind."

Lung have shared the stage with topnotch acts like Le Butcherettes, Screaming Females, Big Business, Brainiac, Swearing At Motorists, Fucked Up, Priests, Machine Girl, Shellshag, The Messthetics, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Hawthorne Heights, Downtown Boys, and Street Sects, and their approach to art punk is beyond compare.


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