Lucy In Disguise x System96: Level

Generic synthwave has been a bit of an annoyance lately, with mundane productions keep piling up within the genre and its nearby styles, but this has never been the case for Californian producer Lucy In Disguise who collaborates with Atlanta's System96 for the new single, Level.

With a mellow approach with verges on chillwave and hypnagogic pop, the new track is a sharp mixture of sounds, and a presentation of both act's instrumental savvy. It comes off both upbeat and leisurely at the same time, conveying a sense of all around ease and contentment.

"The song was recorded mainly with hardware synthesizers including the OB-6, Sub Phatty, and the Arp Odyssey," LID's Steven Romeo lets us in on the track's production which is undoubtedly of the highest grade.


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