Bram Stalker: Dormant (f/ Nick Oliveri)

Bram Stalker is a heavy rock duo from Italy whose sound draws from noise rock, hardcore and stoner metal, resulting into a hard hitting mix full of intensity and grit. The band consists of Andrea Maceroni (vocals, bass) and Jacopo De Marco (drums), and their latest single, Dormant, is a collaboration with Nick Oliveri of Mondo Generator, Queens of the Stone Age, and the great Kyuss. 

Bram Stalker's history with Oliveri goes back to 2018 when the band opened for him, and the two sides eventually ended up playing the QOTSA classic Millionaire live together. Later on the two joined forces and came up with the massive punk rocker, Dormant, a fine presentation of the spunk which defines Bram Stalker.

"The track talks about violence from the police towards civilians," the band describe. "It is inspired by Cucchi's story, a true emblem of abuse of power and office games."


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