Hallan: Orwell's Idyllic Future

British post punk band, Hallan, unveil their new single, Orwell’s Idyllic Future, part of their anticipated upcoming debut  EP, Reporting Live From The Living Room Floor, expected out July 16th, 2021 via Nice Swan Records.

Consistent with the band's mistrustful approach on modern society, the profound lyricism and their themes which derive from the tediousness in everyday life, the new track is another intensified post punk hit, and finds the band in a fully fervent mode, parallelizing contemporary life with George Orwell’s timeless 1984.

With all sorts of wings be they left or right swinging for each other with mocking tweets or cancel culture as their weaponry, it's easy to feel lost as an onlooking bystander in a world full of hostility,” the group state. “Relationships become strained and questioning your own mental stability becomes just another daily problem as you peruse through endless news articles, each one presenting you with a slice of self-loathing or existential dread. But nothing is to fear as the longer you stare upon the words you read in your Sunday newspaper or mobile device the more you will feel the sweet embrace and comfort of Big Brother's gentle arms. Orwell's Idyllic future has come to be, and everything is going to be just okay.

Post punk uneasiness and noise rock tension are once again perfectly combined by the rising band who have already built an early status which places them not only among the most promising new acts in the genre currently, but also has them sticking out as one of the most perceptive and intellectual ones.

Band photo by Karl Bailey

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