D//E Premiere: The Uptights: Arthaus Rock / Rings Hollow

Oslo band, The Uptigths, reemerge with a very gritty and heavily distorted take on garage punk and post punk, as the band's tendencies for experimental methods on composition and instrumentation keep being fairly evident many years after the eccentricity of their first releases.

The Uptights will be releasing It is for them that the lights twinkle, their first album in ten years, on June 25th, 2021, and they introduce it with the two track single, Arthaus Rock / Rings Hollow, on which their love for extremity, noise and darkness hits many favorable chords. 

The new album takes its name from the 1938 book, The Culture of Cities by philosopher Lewis Mumford, and it is loosely themed on isolation and the city, "from subdued fragments of lives to electric bursts of energy." The ten tracks which comprise it were recorded straight to cassette in a damp rehearsal space between 2012 and 2016.

The Uptights make the most out of their lo-fi monophonic sound, as the new tracks once more manifest, both embodying the band's idiosyncrasy. Arthaus Rock slants on the primal punk rock which indicates their foundation, while the haunting Rings Hollow is evincive of their inherent experimental qualities.

The Uptights are Andreas W. H. Lindvåg, Andreas Utvær Fossheim, Øyvind Bersvendsen and Anders Meyn Jensen.

Band photo by Ida Solheim-Olsen

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