D//E Premiere: Phantom Handshakes: Skin

Phantom Handshakes is the collaborative project of Matt Sklar (Exiles) and Federica Tassano (Sooner, Mônetre) based in Brooklyn, NY. The band have their next album, No More Summer Songs, ready to be released on April 30th, 2021 though the eclectic Z Tapes Records.

The entirety of the coming release was created in true DIY fashion by the duo from their respective homes in Brooklyn and Manhattan from August until November 2020. No More Summer Songs has been previously introduced by a pair of well crafted tracks of shimmering lo-fi dreampop, followed now with single number three, the delightful and rather balmy shoegaze pop piece, Skin.

"Skin is one of the last songs we recorded for the album and the quickest to come together," the band comment. "The song is about the masks we sometimes feel we have to wear in order to conform to society's standards. The cosmetic 'big grins' we use to hide our fears, trauma, our deep, inner wounds (our 'splitting skin')."

Skin is paired to a very creative animated video which combines faultlessly with the music's nostalgic and hearty mood. 

"The music video is the first where we both appear together," they describe. "Logistically we couldn't film together so we used animation to put us in the same space and to evoke some of the surreal imagery found in the song's lyrics."

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