Tristan Welch: I Live In Filth

Funeral director by trade while serving as a brilliant experimental composer, Washington, DC-based musician, Tristan Welch, is gearing up for the release of his next album, Temporary Preservation, and from the first specimen off it, it looks like it's going to be a robust next step for the artist, and a sign of noticeable growth and evolvement.

Temporary Preservation lifts its title from Welch's profession; a term he uses to describe the process of restoration of a lifelike appearance of the deceased. As expected, the solemnity Welch experiences in real life passes on to the music, and the result is now and again rather affecting.

With the intriguing title, I Live In Filth, the first track unveiled off Welch's coming album follows the same minimal direction of the artist's previous works, and it succeeds at his aim for denser, shorter and more approachable structures, as the drone, ambient and cinematic qualities are once again methodically present.

I Live In Filth, just like the rest of the album, is created solely on guitar, then passed through electronic filters to translate into an earthy and unordinary sum.

"Forever engaged in believing that all music and art should be accessible, the sound may be experimental but never completely out of reach," Welch's album statement reads, with which it's very easy to agree.

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