The Tremolo Beer Gut: Barfield's Gambit

Surf rock veteran, Chris Barfield (The Tommyknockers, The Headhunters, The Fuzztones and many more) joins forces with The Tremolo Beer Gut, and contributes to their guest-heavy upcoming album, You Can’t Handle The Tremolo Beer Gut.

Barfield's Gambit is a dense, two-minute surf rocker, written as an online joint effort when Barfield posted a chord progression on his Facebook page with the intention to collaborate, and TBG's The Great Nalna, who was home recovering from an operation, responded.

Another piece in the stately garage/surf rock assortment of great musicianship that is TBGs soon to be released full length which will be out on April 16th, 2021 through Crunchy Frog worldwide, and MuSick Recordings (Los Angeles) and No-Count Records (Seattle) in the US.

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