Chicago's Pixel Grip have announced their sophomore album, ARENA, and after the first single, Pursuit, they have unveiled an intimidating and dynamic piece of techno minimalism and all around intensity.

ALPHAPUSSY is the impending full length's opening number which presents Pixel Grip all dauntless and showing their sharp teeth.

Rita Lukea explains their lyrics and the new song's intent: "The lyrics for our next single are a reminder and a calling out of a long-standing double standard: that men assert power and bully others by telling them to 'man up' or by calling them a 'p***y' when they are acting weak. Well it’s my turn to be the bully. ALPHAPUSSY is me is cutting off the impact and destruction of these words, and taking the power back. I’m done internalizing the words that men carelessly spit out of their mouths. ALPHAPUSSY is gospel for the altar of femme aggression. Now kneel."

ARENA the sophomore album by Pixel Grip releases May 21st, 2021, through Feeltrip Records.

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