The Grey: Dead Fire

Cambridge, UK's The Grey have released two albums thus far; a self-titled one in 2018, and Dead Fire which came out a year later. That second record of beautiful post metal expertise has just been released through Ripcord Records, and it's a truthful representation of the tension and dynamism the three-piece band discharges with its dense sound and the involvedness of their compositions.

On their second offering The Grey forayed into a more progressive rock-bent post metal direction, and sounded more confident and more ambitious compared to their debut where they kept things moderately plainer and briefer. The ambient passages which interact with the heavy parts are implemented more meticulously into the compositions, and they're integral parts of the song structures, while the contained use of sound effects touches up the band's sound, and adds one more layer of crafty complexity. 

Essentially an instrumental act, The Grey involve elements of post punk, noise rock and experimental electronica into their sound which is mainly established on a heavier groundwork, with grind, doom metal stoner rock and metalcore influences as the basic principles. Album closer and the album's sole vocal track, Silent Man, reveals The Grey's parallels to noise rock champions like Melvins, given through a heavier and thicker approach which eventually gives out vibes from the metallic/extreme sludge of bands such as Isis and Old Man Gloom. 

Matty Moon (False Heads, Bloody Knees and others) is responsible for the album's crystalline and notably detailed production which surely augments the band's high-reaching sound and songwriting; and Dick Beetham (Enter Shikari, Sikth, Drenge) helms the mastering.

Prior to the pandemic The Grey had managed in very little time to turn heads their way on account of their live performances. They were picked by Will Haven as the supporting act to their tour, and their presence kept gaining momentum up until everything came to a stop.

The Grey are Charlie Gration (guitar), James Pergande (bass, samples) and Steve Moore (drums).

Band photo courtesy of Ripcord Records

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