Maudiir: Spirit of Sulfur

Having mastered the art of fleshing out a solo project, multi-instrumentalist, F., has brought his extreme metal act, Maudiir, to a culminating point with the release of new EP, La Part du Diable. Recently out and demonstrative of the musician's fitness for bringing together different styles, the new release bases most of its darkness and heaviness on black metal and thrash, yet, it also tends to surprise more than often in its 25-minute long brevity.

Newest single, Spirit of Sulfur, leans more on Maudiir's raucous punk side, and much like the previously unveiled, The Slumber, it comes with a rare kind of hard edginess akin to penetrating thrash of Voivod, formed on enormous riffs and a general sense of radical tension.

Elsewhere, La Part du Diable, impacts with the punchy haste of opening number Fracture, the blackened genre amalgamation of The Fortunate Few, and the ambitious progressive metal of closer The Crowning Hour, generating a pretty splendid release which overpowers its predecessor and towers above most of its contemporaries in underground/unconventional metal.


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