Concrete Ships: Clouds

Clouds is the second single off In Observance, the coming debut album by British noise rock band, Concrete Ships, expected out on March 26th, 2021 through Trepanation Recordings. Following the intense first single, Flotilla, the new song presents an equally acute, yet, more psychedelic, progressive and space rock orientation of the band's sound and songwriting, with their punk rock footing still complete.

In its nine-minute grandiosity Clouds epitomizes Concrete Ships vision for a more elaborate, multifarious sound, and its parallels to the obscure hard rock of the seventies are noticeable, well established and ultimately estimable, since the band seem to be drawing from some pretty eclectic sources to craft a sound that's their own. 

Clouds experiments without going far out, and with no risks of coming across as incohesive. All this intricacy is counterbalanced by a very straightforward climactic point in the song's final minute for which the wait is totally worth.

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