Las Venus Electric: Kid Gloves

Once behind the wheel of the shoegaze outfit, My Pet Genius, Toronto-based musician, Evan Sue-Ping, expands on his new project, Las Venus Electric, and releases new track and video, Kid Gloves, the follow up to a pair of introductory singles from late 2020.

An animated new cut, Kid Gloves is written from the standpoint of someone who contests the frustrating feeling of helplessness.

"There’s a lot to be said of perspective," Sue-Ping comments. "Faced with an uncertain future, we can surrender to the times or try to look beyond. I’m choosing to get back up on my feet."

The project's impending Knownothing EP is overarchingly themed on the anxiety of aging, yet, it has evidently diverged toward the unease which has linked with the current times, and the pandemic going around.

"So many things that I’m feeling stem from the same place," Sue-Ping adds. "Trying to get a handle on a Global crisis while having a crisis of self."

Kid Gloves comes alongside a psychedelic video created by artist, Chris Johnston. "I’m a real fan of the way he creates shadowy environments," Sue-Ping says. "He projects in to the future through silhouettes and type."

The song was produced by Chris Osti (Headstones) who provided an additional level of artful haziness to the artist's musicianship. Evan Sue-Ping concludes: "I really wanted the song to have the overwhelming quality of regaining consciousness. The disorienting tunnel-vision and the anxious desire to shake it off."

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