Kraków Loves Adana: Love Isn't Dead

Kraków Loves Adana have proven multiple times in the past that their engaging craftmanship and tasteful aesthetics can extend further from their emotive synthpop and dreampop sound, and pass on to the visual aspect of their artistry. The band deliver a new self-directed video for their track, Love Isn’t Dead, off their excellent recent full length, Darkest Dreams.

"At the brink of a break-up people may tend to be torn between burning bridges and dwelling on past affections. This song is full of nostalgia, melancholy and heartbreak…. ‘Everything dies’," explains singer and producer, Deniz Çiçek.

Once again, the dark and wistful sting which makes the Hamburg duo's sound so appealing finds a perfect visual match to a set of beautifully shot and photographed scenes, as Kraków Loves Adana make an idyllic, vivid and natural backdrop part of their art in a very elegant manner.

Artist photo courtesy of Kraków Loves Adana

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