Cult Of Dom Keller: Last King Of Hell

British psych rockers, Cult of Dom Keller, are preparing for the release of their fifth album which carries the pretty imposing and enigmatic title, They Carried The Dead In A U.F.O, and they have just introduced it with the mind-bending magnificence of first single, Last King of Hell.

Heavy shoegaze fuzz, noise rock energy and trippy space rock properties augment the wide-ranging psychedelia which is the firm base of Cult of Dom Keller's sound, and the band has just launched their new full length with something rather striking.

"The Last King of Hell is a big, big track," the band admit in their statement. "What begins with almost a Western sci-fi vibe builds over 7 minutes into a monster of sound. Lyrically it's about a protagonist who – no matter how hard he tries, and how in harmony he thinks he is with the world – fails to see that he is actually part of the problem. As the track builds and spirals out of control so does our protagonist. Singles shouldn't be 7-minutes long but who gives a sh*t when it ain’t gonna be played on the radio anyway."

Cult of Dom Keller have made a name for themselves by way of their live act, having appeared at festivals like Levitation, The Great Escape and Raw Power, and shared stages with Roky Erickson, Spectrum, Silver Apples, The Sisters of Mercy, and The Black Angels among others.

They Carried The Dead In A U.F.O is expected to be true to the band's creative mentality, according to which they don't like repeating themselves, and making the same record twice.

"With all the uncertainty and chaos unfolding in 2020 we managed to create our most experimental and exciting album to date, without there being any point in the whole recording process where all four of us were actually in the same room together!" the band comment on their new album, and continue: "The Covid climate meant that we began to craft this strange beast of an album in a totally different way to all our previous work. It was all recorded, mixed and produced by ourselves meaning we had total control over every noise on the record.

"Sometimes it feels you have to make tiny compromises or small sacrifices when someone else records you or mixes your music but this time round we had 100% control and no compromises. This was the exact record we wanted to make. Experimental and playful, moments of light and pure dark. We wanted to f*ck with the listener and pull them in with moments of beauty and chaos, but still retain our songwriting sensibilities."

They Carried The Dead In A U.F.O comes out on May 21st, 2020 on Fuzz Club Records.

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