Explorations in Analog Synthesis with Moog Sound Studio and Friends

Explorations in Analog Synthesis is a new compilation EP, featuring a group of forward thinking artists, put together with the intention to exhibit the analog sound and vast possibilities of both Moog Sound Studio synthesizer combinations. 

The Moog Sound Studio is a new semi-modular synthesizer experience which provides everything an individual needs to create, from the inspiration to the educational tools, equipment and accessories. "Each user begins their unique Moog Sound Studio journey by selecting an instrument combination to complement their musical style or sonic preference: Mother-32 & DFAM or Subharmonicon & DFAM."

There's more info on the Moog Sound Studio and where to find an authorized Moog dealer.

Julianna Barwick's Open is an entrancing vocal collage which captivates through its immersive atmosphere and generally transcendental ethereality, while the propulsive EP closer, Mothers Make Mistakes, by Ela Minus, puts forward another side of the synthesizers analog strength, through a more industrial-prone sound.

Other styles of modern electronica are also explored in the seven-track EP by Bonobo, Peter Cottontale and Jamila Woods, Dan Deacon, Martial Canterel, and Madame Gandhi.


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