D//E Premiere: Bad Bloom: Fluoride

Composed of wife and husband, Kate Rogers and Jay Trovato, Rochester, New York-based dreampop duo, Bad Bloom, bring to light another part of their upcoming album Leave, the follow up to their well-received debut three-song release, Candle, from early 2020.

New single, Fluoride, shows a more energetic, grunge rock semblance of the band's shoegazey indie rock, and puts to great use their sharp guitar-driven attributes, coming in with considerably additional fuzz.

"We've all felt weight of being on hold - being stuck in place, and not progressing," songwriter Kate Rogers comments on the new song. "There's motivation and drive but nowhere to project it; and Fluoride is about that feeling when one has a spark or energy that can't quite escape."

Bad Bloom design a sound which draws mainly from the shoegaze forefront and bands like Slowdive and Ride, with elements of post punk and approachable indie rock interfused, while on the lyrical front they counterbalance the music's musing character with refined layers of optimism. 


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