Dakota Blue: Frequent Liar

Offbeat songwriter and artist, Dakota Blue, continues his proliferous path through the world of underground dreampop with the new album, My Idea of Perfection, coming seventh months after his previous full length. The impending album is introduced with new single and video, Frequent Liar, which also becomes the third installment in the artist's unofficial trilogy of songs about lying and deception, after Designs for Lying and Lie Right from last year.

The impressively photographed and notably picturesque video which comes with the new song finds Dakota Blue adopting the guise of a film executive, expanding on the song's theme and its narrator's pathological lying and excuse making. It's delivered though the LA artist's characteristic moody and casual croon, while the all around fantastic video is directed by Dakota Blue and his frequent collaborator, Priscilla Mars, who is also responsible for the cinematography.

Dakota Blue comments on the new song: "Somewhere in between new wave and new age music, I’ve found an intersection I call 'new wage,' that has shaped the landscape of my fourth record."

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