Citrus Clouds: A Pastel Sky

Phoenix, Arizona shoegaze trio, Citrus Clouds, took their time to flesh out and release their new full length, Collider, which will finally arrive on March 5th, 2021 through Lolipop Records. First single, A Pastel Sky, was unveiled several months ago, and since then the band has also put out a pair of notable tracks, all of which indicate the impending album's propitiousness, and its placement among the genre's freshest.

Like its title suggests, A Pastel Sky, comes all colorful, balmy and idyllic; an artful exploration of beautifully distorted guitars and warm vocals, not very far from the sounds that made Slowdive stand out back in the day.

The rest of the musing shoegaze psychedelia which Citrus Clouds have to offer expands in the ten-song entirety which makes Collider a much enjoyable, loud and tuneful debut which isn't defined that much from its highlighted singles, but more from the band's capability of capturing the listener's attention en masse.

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