Tearjerker: Lost

Late 2019 adept lo-fi dreampop band, Tearjerker, attempted to switch things up from their atypical songwriting process of passing bedroom recordings and ideas back and forth over email, and worked for the first time ever in the same room at a cottage in North Ontario. The pandemic caused them to return to their usual practices, yet, some of those cottage recordings became the base of their upcoming EP, Deep End, expected out March 2021.

First example off the new EP, Lost, brandishes the band's stamp on psychedelic hypnagogic lo-fi pop, and finds them in an upbeat and ambitious mode, with plain, sincere lyrics which honor the art of simmering down and keeping cool.

"It's a letter to a friend that you couldn't be there for," the band describe, "and a reminder to slow down and treat people well."

Tearjerker are Micah Bonte, Trevor Hawkins and Taylor Shute.


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