D//E Premiere: she-dog: Deep in a Mine

After the imposing debut that was the band's previous single and video, Baptized In A Swimmingpool, unconventional Cologne-based trio, she-dog, return with their sophomore offering, the rather dark and brooding, Deep in a Mine.

Slow burning for the first half and boiling with post punk rage for its second part and climactic conclusion, Deep in a Mine sounds like a lost obscurity from a bygone era, full of emotion and raw energy. The song's structure delineates trauma's passage through the human psyche by way of negativity and repression, up to and including the notions which can be sensed as catharsis.

For the accompanying clip she-dog went with unpublished VHS footage of the 1991 theatre festival, Lust auf Hölle, which took place in Freiburg, Germany. It was edited by the band's own, Lea, based on the material shot by her mom back in the day. The performance is titled Embryonale Evolutionäre Stauforschung (Embryonal Evolutionary Traffic Jam Research), and it's performed by the Group R.A.M.M.

she-dog twisted the narration through their editing and came up with their own original version, focused on  the point of view of a nameless woman who is experiencing simulated sexual violence during the performance. "What we see is inner chaos, aggression and the echo of past emotions," the band comment. "Where does experienced aggression start to switch into own aggression? Is there a happy ending or are we prisoners of our emotions?"

Cover art by Tom Król

Band photo by Nina Möhrke

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