Spider: Energy Gone Wrong

A recent documentary about professional skateboarder, Bucky Lasek, produced by Powell Peralta, Lasek and Billy Bakker, is expectedly filled with some ace hardcore punk courtesy of fresh Californian bands, Spider, Last Point and Up Your Guts, together with something classic from the catalog of Epitaph by Rich Kids On LSD.

Spider's blood boiling three-song EP, Energy Gone Wrong, was released in 2019 through CPYRT CNTRL RCRDS, and it comes quite evident of the band's keenness for direct punk rock of the tried and true kind, and it even features a relatively faithful cover of Black Flag's Depression.

"It’s an existential, bootstrapping, introspective memoir; a vignette wrapped in metaphors," the band describe the EP's great title track. "The story captures snapshots of the fury of life set to a visceral rock-and-rollercoaster backdrop of buzzing electric guitars and primal, alchemy-seeking drums. There’s something for everyone here. The more you listen, the more layers you’ll find."

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