Bestial Mouths: Our Souls Take

Bestial Mouths should be praised for their visual creations as much as they are for the music. Our Souls Take is part of one of last year's very finest albums, and it's no exception to the intrigue and the high quality all of the band's videos possess.

"Present, past and future—our souls encompass all aspects of time, cycling through aspects in our boratic ekstasis. Let us honor this process, in each element of this Aspect," says gothic force, Lynette Cerezo, describing the track and video's association to nature and spirituality.

Our Souls Take coheres as a short film on its own, and it was directed by Tas Limur.

Bestial Mouths prolificity continues strong, as the band announce the coming of a new release composed of remixes. THOUSANDNEEDLES is expected mid-2021, and it will feature collaborations with acts from the dark underground's front lines, including Adult., SRSQ, Ash Code, Light Asylum, Crowhurst and more.

Artist photo by Elemental Eyes

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