Pardoner: Donna Said

San Francisco's Pardoner take their quirky and energetic fusion of slacker rock and shoegaze pop to Bar/None Records where they will be releasing their new album, Came Out Different, following 2019's Playin' On a Cloud

Pardoner's noisy and lively guitar driven sound sits well with the indie rock of Dinosaur Jr., Pavement, Yo La Tengo, Polvo and the like, with their lyrics usually hitting as hard as the music, and their productions complementing their overall jagged style. 

New track, Donna Said, continues the band's twisted pop sound and songwriting angle. It cuts deep and bursts loudly with heavy distortion, maintaining a cool balance between apathy and excitement, being described by the band as "a normal pop track with some underlying menace."

Came Out Different was recorded in two days with veteran producer, Jack Shirley, and it comes out on May 12th, 2021. 

Pardoner are Max Freeland (vocals, guitar), Trey Flanigan (vocals, guitar), River van den Berghe (drums), and Colin Burris (bass).

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