D//E Premiere: City Of Industry: Kronstadt

We have underlined before how evident are the genre defying qualities in the sound and writing of hardcore band, City Of Industry. This is band which doesn't hesitate to expand to styles and ideas that appear rather disparate from their hardcore foundation, but are still integral parts of the band's genetic make up.

The Seattle band is fresh from the release of their great new album, False Flowers which came out late 2020. The album's opener, Kronstadt, is an immediate contradiction to the hardcore punk intensity and aggression with which City Of Industry have been on the rise these last couple of years. The moody piano piece which sets the album to an atmospheric start, not only elevates City Of Industry's regular sound and vibes, but it also shows the level of the band's daringness, and their out of the box creative mentality.

The song comes with a beautifully choreographed and executed video, presented for the first time ever below. It prominently features two good friends of the band; dancer, choreographer, musician and CGI artist, Ashleigh Miller, who holds a BFA in Dance from Tisch School of the Arts at NYU; and viola player, Evan Uebelacker, who studied at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, then transferred to the University of Indiana, and holds a Masters in Viola Performance.

This is a look at City Of Industry's artistry through a different angle, but with the same high quality standards.

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