Jaye Jayle: From Louisville

The mesmeric closing number to Prisyn, the latest album by the prolific Jaye Jayle, now gets the cinematic music video treatment through a captivating clip created by Bobby Cochran.

"I have a friend that refers to Louisville as 'the Kentucky cage,'" says Evan Patterson, the creative force behind Jaye Jayle. "It’s easy to get trapped and give in to the simple life that it so simply lends. I do love this city, it is my home, but the truth is: I desire more. I desire to see the world and to escape my comforts and have as many new experiences as humanly possible. And when I become tired or need a break or a place to just rest and recoup I return to Louisville with a grand appreciation for all of it’s simplicities. The visuals that Bobby compiled for this music video feel so relatable; they are humanistic and beautifully captured."

"I’ve been a fan and friend of Evan's for a little while, and when Prisyn was nearing its release date, I asked him if I could make a video for one of the tracks," Cochran explains, who was never in the same room with Patterson for the creation of the video due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic. "From Louisville spoke to me immediately. Evan emailed me a paragraph about the song's origins along with some very loose visual tidbits that came to mind for him, and I used that as a springboard. I'd been hungry to dive into more 'conceptual' music videos, and the imagery began rising up in my head right away. The main theme I worked around was the idea of addiction and the search for redemption. The blind pursuit of an endless cycle of seeking comfort and solace through things that numb us to the world and ourselves, and the little thread of light that can draw us closer to ending that cycle if we want to."

Prisyn, Jaye Jayle's idiosyncratic and unique 2020 album is out on Sargent House.


Artist photo by AF Cortes

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