Destroy Boys: Muzzle

Steadily rising riot grrrl rockers, Destroy Boys, continue with their very direct and radical take on punk with the minute-long new single, Muzzle. While the trio grows and matures with the perspective of a third album in sight, their writing and overall presence comes across as eager as they were during the band's beginnings.

The band's own creative force, Vi Mayugba, describes the new single: "Muzzle is about the horrifying ordeal of being perceived. I wrote it at the beginning of 2020 right when I entered real adulthood, and was dealing with men I liked and people around me seeing me in a way I didn’t feel was true to who I was. The chorus is about knowing your worth and not letting love interests treat you like garbage - so don’t let them do that! Do not let anybody form your reality and self perception except you. I am still working on this."

Destroy Boys are Alexia Roditis, Vi Mayugba and Narsai Malik, and Muzzle is the third single to follow their acclaimed sophomore album, Make Room.


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