Deaf Dance: New Scars

Consistent with the project's demonstrable dark sound and aesthetics, and their usually unconventional subject matters, New Scars is a hightlight track off fraudcast, the new six-song mini album by Deaf Dance; the darkwave act led by musician Jerry Narrows, former singer of Flaamingos. The new record was written, recorded, produced and mixed by Narrows in both the Mojave Desert where he moved "to be closer to the crows" during the pandemic, and Pasadena, CA. 

Equated to the darkness that Deaf Dance's danceable dark sound emits, the track's theme tells the story of a woman entering into a BDSM scene for stress relief, and it finds the band following their early eighties synthpop influences rather intently, and coming up with an instrumentally enticing cut which tells of archetypal darkwave motifs and values.

"The record was creatively inspired by all my faves," says Narrows, "but leans more than usual in the direction of early 80's Mute Records bouncy techno-pop, with a dash of 90's alterna-crunch."


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