Arab Strap: Here Comes Comus!

Arab Strap have their seventh album ready to come out, the band's first in sixteen years. As Days Get Dark is set to be released on March 5th, 2021, through Rock Action, and the new single and video, Here Comes Comus! is the latest specimen off it, an another confirmation of the new album's dark drift.

Aidan Moffat described the new record as being "about hopelessness and darkness. But in a fun way.

"It's a song about the god of nocturnal excess and my inability to ever refuse him," Moffat says of the new single which although pretty moody, musically it slants toward the band's relatively livelier side. "It takes place in a pub, a club, and city alleyways, all the places I'd hoped we'd be able to enjoy again by now – but it's been so long since I've had a big night out that listening to it now seems almost nostalgic. He still pops round to see me at home now and again, but I know he's holding back and planning for the future, and one day soon we'll dance again."

The song comes with a quite violent and disturbing video which plays out like an indie flick, and was directed by Bryan M. Ferguson.

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