Concrete Ships: Flotilla

Following their self-titled EP from 2018, UK heavy noise rockers, Concrete Ships, will be releasing their debut album, In Observance, on March 26th, 2021 through Trepanation Recordings. First single, Flotilla, offers a good peek at the band's fervent noise rock sound infused with elements from hardcore punk, stoner/sludge metal and psychedelia.

Recorded in a 13th century castle, Flotilla sends forth a mass of extreme rock energy, like an extremified version of The Stooges messed around with the darkness of Swans, as well as the punk impressibility and immediacy of Fugazi. The track has been a standard favorite at the band's live shows, and it found its way as the opening number to their anticipated album which already has the earmarks of something very much propitious.

Concrete Ships are Chris Thompson (bass, vocals), Joe Dickinson (guitar) and Jamie Batt (drums).

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