Allison Lorenzen f/ Midwife: Vale

Previously known as part of the darkwave duo, School Dance, Denver based musician, Allison Lorenzen, joins forces with Madeline Johnston’s shoegaze act, Midwife, for a captivating piece which becomes a very strong debut offering.

Vale finds Lorenzen's artistic direction diversified from the dark synthpop approach of her previous band, but her songwriting carries the same kind of profound melancholy which feels notably amplified by Midwife's contribution. Johnston’s involvement embellishes the song's with extra layers of heavy feedback and reverb, and the two artists seem to be forging an impeccable union.

More shoegaze and slowcore bent than darkwave, Vale introduces Lorenzen as a solo artist, and at the same time as a gifted collaborator, and its despondent nature mingled with a sweet kind of mellowness is downright indispensable.

Cover art by Travis Hetman

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