True Faith: Borrowed Time

Whether the name True Faith is a straight reference to New Order or not, the Boston band which carries that imposing moniker with grace and wears its influences on its sleeves, has managed to emerge very strongly with each new offering, and distill those fundamentals that shape their sound into something very much genuine.

Unlike most of the world, in all the darkness that defines their music, True Faith have had a great 2020 with their first EP on Negation is Freedom and a few individual singles establishing them as one among those to watch in the world of darkwave and its its relative subgenres.

Borrowed Time, similarly to the immediately previous, Waiting on the Wrong Time, exhibits True Faith's poppier qualities, flaunting an earworm of a melody which could compare to New Order's most approachable side, but given through a grainier lens which points to the intrinsic despondency of Joy Division. 

Borrowed Time comes with a music video filmed and edited by True Faith members Quentin Moyer and Travis Benson respectively.

As Much Nothing As Possible, True Faith's coming full length will be out on January 8th, 2021 through A La Carte Records.

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