Haldol: Truth of an Arrow

Haldol has been around since 2011 and have released a series of demos and EPs, together with three full lengths in their path thus far. After lineup changes the band return with their first album in three years.

With an apparent dark foundation the band draws from deathrock and post punk. Through those dim musical passages Haldol manage to deliver something very much piercing, which at the same time appears memorable without having to lose its cutting-edge essence.

New song, Truth of an Arrow, lingers between the gothic rock of The Southern Death Cult and the spunkier dark nature of the lesser celebrated Specimen, and it comes sharply produced by the band's own Geoff Smith alongside Alex Nagle.

Haldol are Geoff Smith (vocals, guitar, sometimes bass VI and synth), Ande Ciampa (bass) and Aaron Muchanic (drums).

Negation, the band's coming full length, releases February 1st, 2021 through Play Alone Records.

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