The Nightmare Generator: Nightmares For Children (And Other Stories)

The Nightmare Generator is a new force in the uncompromising drone/doom metal realm, and it consists of players from other underground acts, such as TC6’s Kreecha Honey (guitars, samples), The Parasitic Twins’ Dom Smith (drums), Mary And The Ram’s Kiran Tanna (vocals, synths) and Rotting Monarchs’ James Briggs (bass).

In its imposing, soul-crushing 32-minute massiveness the band's debut piece, Nightmares For Children (And Other Stories), defines the term 'hypnotic funeral drone', and makes pristine use of its instrumentation and eerie samples to come through with something vicious, evocative of the groundbreaking nonconformity of bands like Sunn O))), Godflesh, Khanate and Electric Wizard.

We are promised more of the same wickedness through the band's 'next instalment of predicted psychosis', Now We Are SixSixSix.


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