Did You Die: Diamond Heights

Vancouver's Did You Die came through with their intention to originate five new releases within 2020. The band's latest offering is a four song EP which finds them at the peak of their strengths, all reinvigorated and in readiness for their anticipated next full length, Thirteen Moons, which will arrive in 2021.

The band's new EP, Diamond Heights, is composed of four songs and introduces, Luke Bodi on drums, who's been their live drummer since 2019. 

The new release's centerpiece, Into You, combines the compositional distinction of main songwriter Richie Felix Alexander, new member Luke Bodi, and keyboardist/vocalist Madison Penland. Although a collaborative effort, the song is a profoundly personal one for Alexander who conceived it about an ongoing and growing relationship.

Elsewhere on the EP, the psychedelic shoegaze/grunge stir of Never Have I Ever also blends the cooperative skills of Alexander and Bodi and presents more of the band's Swervedriver-like boldness, while the opening piece, You're Something I Need, offers their melodious dreampop side in full display. Closing cut, Porcelain, is a quirkier jangle pop duet sung by Alexander and the classically trained Cassandra Bequary, which proves for one more time that the collaborative spirit is one of the main components in what shapes the sound and character of the very consistent and prolific Did You Die.

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