Toxaemia: Buried to Rot

November 20th, 2020 is the date when the anticipated album by old school death metal band, Toxaemia, Where Paths Divide, is finally being released, more than three decades after it’s initial inception. All of the early singles which preceded the album showed that the experienced band could have easily been one of the names that make up the genre's front line, while those initiated in the edginess of the band's death metal sound must have recognized that Toxaemia are something special for what they represent musically and aesthetically.

Buried to Rot and it's accompanying video is classic, brutal death metal, in line with the genre's archetypes, still, way above the norm.

"Buried to Rot is about what the title says," the band describe. "When you die your body will just rot or be burnt to ashes and you are gone. No Reincarnation or heaven with a bunch of virgins. That is it, do you want to live on after death! Make a difference while you are alive and be remembered."

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